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Regional Laboratory Services specialises in veterinary biochemical and haematological testing of companion and production animals. The laboratory is NATA accredited for these services.


Analytical chemistry testing of feeds, waters and soils in relation to agricultural uses and animal health aspects, are also undertaken.


For specific testing and test packages available, refer to our current Price Lists.

Regional Laboratory Services offers over 200 tests to cilents using a range of analytical methodology. For a full listing of the tests performed at RLS, their required sample type and individual test fees, please refer to our Price Lists page.


Our equipment includes:

- Metals analysis by AAS (flame and graphite furnace flame-less methods)

- Immunoassay methods

- Clinical automated chemistry analysers.


Animal Health Testing:

In the Animal Health Testing area, specific tests have been developed for a range of chemical analytes covering blood, tissue, milk, urine and feacal samples. These tests are offered individually or as packages and profiles suitable for a variety of health/disease investigations, and range from routine liver and general health profiles through to toxicity testing including lead and arsenic.


Feed Testing:

Testing in this area includes minerals and nitrogen in relation to animal requirements, with particular emphasis on ruminant mineral nutrition. The laboratory also offers cyanide and nitrate/nitrite testing of feeds; this latter testing is included in our NATA scope of tests.


Water Testing:

The Water Testing area is aimed at surface and ground water chemistry testing, particularly in relation to livestock requirements. The laboratory also offers a limited range of water microbiology (E.coli / Coliforms) testing as a general microbiological water quality monitor.


Reporting and Billing:

The laboratory aims for same day service to clients wherever possible. Some referred testing (as with some feed mineral testing) or testing requiring extensive sample / assay treatment (such as tissue selenium) may have increased turnaround times.


Laboratory test reports in the form of word documents, with NATA endosement as appropriate, are emailed/faxed to clients on completion of testing. Reports involving large data sets can also be supplied as ASCII / Excel files. 


Fees associated with individual test reports, are listed at the bottom of each report at the time of issue. Invoices for testing are normally issued by Post at the end of each calender month.

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